Data Protection Policy

Information collected

The total Internet display of HOFFMANN MINERAL GmbH (in the following : HOFFMANN MINERAL), with few exceptions, can be used without disclosing personal data. One of these exceptions is the « Feedback » page.
When using the Internet display of HOFFMANN MINERAL, the Internet Server (web server) of HOFFMANN MINERAL will automatically register and analyze technical access data. These data, however, cannot be assigned to a particular person, i.e. the individual user will remain anonymous. Caution: data transfer via the Internet (e. g. communication by e-mail) is subject to security vulnerabilities and cannot be protected completely from third party access.

Technical access data

These registered and analyzed technical access data, for instance, refer to information about the Internet browser used and the working system applied, the name of the website domain from which the Internet pages of HOFFMANN MINERAL are visited, the average length of time spent on the display of our company, and the information pages called up on the website of HOFFMANN MINERAL. When calling up individual Internet pages, these data will automatically be transmitted by the Internet browser to the web server of HOFFMANN MINERAL.
In addition, at some of the information pages HOFFMANN MINERAL will make use of Cookies, i.e. small data elements which an Internet server can send to the visitor of an Internet display. Via such Cookies, the computer of the user of the Internet display of HOFFMANN MINERAL can be identified during his visit, and the use of the Internet pages of HOFFMANN MINERAL will be made easier. However, there exists the possibility for the visitor to adjust the Internet browser in a way to send information about the acceptance or rejection of Cookies. The collection of technical access information is meant to help to continually improve the attractivity and user-friendliness of the Internet pages of HOFFMANN MINERAL, and to retrieve possible technical problems without delay.

Personal data

Personal data will only be collected, processed and used if they have been deliberately disclosed to us. This could, for instance, be the case within the scope of an inquiry, a general survey or a direct contact. The same is true regularly at the occasion of order processing. 

Use of the data

HOFFMANN MINERAL will collect, process and use all person related data obtained from visitors to their Internet site exclusively in accordance with existing legal regulations about protection of personal data. In practice, the data are used for processing inquiries, or for the use of Internet services of HOFFMANN MINERAL, and furthermore for the handling of business matters, e.g. for settling contracts and for protecting justified business interests. This may include services towards partners interested in the Hoffmann Mineral company, in their products and services, as well as giving assistance and support to customers, and the design of service offers and products as required.
HOFFMANN MINERAL will not transmit to third parties the personal data offered by visitors without their explicit consent.

Information, modification and deletion of data

Visitors of the Internet display of HOFFMANN MINERAL at any time are entitled, according to existing legislation, to inquire about whether and which personal data about them have been stored. HOFFMANN MINERAL will duly reply to such requests. Pertinent inquiries should be sent to the Data Protection Manager via e-mail to This way, also changes and deletions of entries can be initiated.


The data collected by HOFFMANN MINERAL will be protected by suitable technical and organizational measures with the objective of securing them against hazardous or intentional manipulation, loss, destruction, access of unauthorized persons or unauthorized disclosure towards third parties. Such security measures will continually be checked and improved following ongoing technological developments and organizational conditions.

Contacts concerning Data Protection at HOFFMANN MINERAL

For all questions relating to the processing of collected personal data Mrs. Vera Schneider, the Data Protection Manager in charge at HOFFMANN MINERAL will always be available. 


The Data Protection indications given above apply exclusively to the Internet display of HOFFMANN MINERAL where they are continually adjusted to upcoming requirements.