Occupational Safety and Health Policy

It is our wish that our own and subcontractor’s employees can go home in good health every day.
And as our conduct serves as an example internally and externally, health and safety in the workplace begins in the mind. So from our many years of experience, we have developed a few simple rules to motivate every employee in the HOFFMANN Group of Companies to achieve our objectives.

The HOFFMANN Group of Companies Health & Safety in the Workplace Regulations.

Physical integrity and good health are very valuable assets. That’s why occupational safety and health protection have a very high priority with us. It is up to everybody, through their conduct, to set an example in safety and health protection. Together we implement our health and safety goals. That is why we maintain intensive and direct dialogue.

Further training and information
Our employees undergo regular activities (training courses, further education) in the field of safety and health protection, raising awareness and providing qualifications.

We will answer any questions directed to us honestly and openly. When choosing our suppliers we make sure, within the limits of our resources, that they fully recognise their responsibilities for health and safety in the workplace.

For us, occupational safety and health protection means first and foremost prevention. This includes the prevention or minimisation of hazards, the training of employees in safe, correct action and with that prevention of accidents.
To support prevention systematic hazard assessments and training are carried out.

For us, safety and health protection are integral elements in the training objectives.

Management responsibility
Occupational safety and health protection is for us an important management task which our managers put into practise by exemplary conduct.

In our planning, occupational safety and health protection concerns are taken into account. This particularly applies to the selection of external contractors.

Product development and production processes
With new raw materials, products and production processes, the occupational safety and health protection requirements are taken into account right from the development and testing phases.

We make available the human, financial and time resources necessary for occupational safety and health protection.

Occupational health care
We offer our employees the necessary occupational medical examinations, which are carried out by the company physician.

On our own responsibility, we monitor and control facilities and processes by regular site inspections and audits.

Individual initiative
For us, occupational safety and health protection are not merely a question of laws and regulations. We practise it on our own initiative and responsibility with the aim of continuous improvement.

Location safeguarding
In the long term, a business only has a chance when it operates economically. The prevention of accidents, damages or losses contributes to this.

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Neuburg, July 20, 2022