Environmental Policy

Environment protection starts in the heads. The way we act should be an example towards the interior and towards the exterior work. From our long years of experience, therefore, we have developed simple rules which should motivate each and every employee of HOFFMANN MINERAL to implement our objectives: the HOFFMANN MINERAL Environment Commandments. We wish to move something. Not just with our products.  

Jointly we make our environmental objectives come true. That is why we believe in intense and direct dialogue.

Continuous formation and information
Qualifying and sensitizing measures in the field of safety and health protection (courses, training, etc.) are regularly carried out for our employees.

To questions we are being asked, we respond openly and honestly. When selecting our suppliers, we ask their environmental protection activities.

Safety and environment protection
The safety of our equipments and environmental protection are objectives of equal importance and will not be negatively affected for reasons of improving productivity.

Knowledge about the biocompatibility of proven or newly developed products will continually be enlarged, and appropriate measures will be initiated

Product development and production processes
With new products and new production processes, we take consideration of the requirements of environmental protection as early as in the development phases

Raw materials and energies are used in a most economical way to preserve the environment.

We try to avoid waste products, use up valuable materials in an appropriate way, and dispose of unusable matters following official directives.

Sewage waste water
With appropriate techniques we reduce or even avoid big amounts of waste water and their impacts.

For the recultivation of our pits, in cooperation with ground owners, authorized users, Offices, Forest Officials and Nature Protection Professionels, economical and ecological interests are brought together. On our plant site, we avoid damaging ground pollution.

Exhaust air
We pay attention to using production techniques with low emissions. Unavoidable exhaust gas streams are purified according to the state of art.

In the interest of protecting our employees and neighbors, we monitor constantly existing noise sources and try to tone them down.

In our own responsibility we monitor and control our equipments and processes as well as air, water, ground, waste material and noise.

Own initiative
Environment Protection for us is not a question of laws and directives. We go along those lines out of our own initiative and responsibility with the objective of continuous improvement.   

Neuburg, July 20, 2020