Neuburg Siliceous Earth

Filler properties and adantages in polishing and cleaning agents: 

  • loose structure, close and uniform particle size distribution
    → easy incorporation into water and O/W-emulsions, excellent dispersion properties (especially puriss products), quick and easy production, very low sedimentation speed, easily re-dispersible
  • mineralogical composition (hardness)
    → stable and constant polishing efficiency
  • extremely low residue of > 40 µm in puriss products
    → no unwanted scratching, high gloss finish
  • availabble in different particle sizes
    → adjustable abrasivity
  • synergetic effect with aluminum oxide
    → for badly contaminated but sensitive surfaces, very high gloss finish, expensive aluminum oxide can be reduced
  • good rheological properties
    → thixotropic agent, control of rheology possible, reduction of expensive additives
  • very low electrical conductivity, no buffer effect
    → good stability in aqueous formulas, no distrubing salts/electrolytes
  • superior chemical resistance
    → high resistance to aggressive media such as acids and bases
  • high purity
    → also suitable for food contact incl. drinking water as per FDA and BfR regulations