Advantages in thermoplastic molded parts

Properties of Calcined Neuburg Siliceous Earth and advantages for users:

  • low moisture, low moisture absorption
    → less effort for pre-drying, pre-drying may not be necessary, less polymer degration with hydophobic products 
  • high fineness, very low sieve residue, excellent dispersion properties, morphology
    → high surface quality, no spots or agglomerates, supports pigment dispersion (spacer effect), potential pigment savings
  • high brightness and color neutrality
    → enables white products without a yellow tint, low requirement for white pigments such as titanium dioxide
  • largely isotropic properties
    → low warpage, medium increase in stiffness
  • hard silicate mineral
    → very good acid resistance, abrasion resistance, scratch resistance
  • polymer-specific adaptation via functionalization
    → very good scratch resistance, high impact strength, high ulitmate elongation
  • temperature resistance
    → can also be used for technical thermoplastics, no by-products or decomposition
  • low CO2-footprint
    → reduction of product carbon footprint of thermoplastic molded parts