Product Safety

Neuburg Siliceous Earth, extracted in the surroundings of Neuburg (Danube) is a natural combination of corpuscular silica and lamellar kaolinite: a loose mixture impossible to separate by physical methods. As a result of natural formation, the silica portion exhibits a rounded grain shape and consists of aggregated primary particles of about 200 nm in Diameter. This base material and a downstream thermal process lead to our calcined products.

The mineralogical uniqueness is the reason why Neuburg Siliceous Earth as "siliceous earth" has been assigned the individual CAS No. 1020665-14-8 or Calcined Neuburg Siliceous Earth as "siliceous earth, calcined" the CAS No. 1214268-39-9. Moreover, their main components silica, kaolinite or calcined kaolinite are listed in all international product registers.

Furthermore, we also want to point to the special REACh status of our products.

Worth mentioning in this context is the extremely low heavy metal content of Neuburg Siliceous Earth, which makes the material particularly suitable as a filler in products such as duroplast resins, reactive resins, rubber, cellophane, paper, cardboard, plastics dispersions, paints and coatings, if they are used in applications with food contact.