Who takes from nature has to give back

The siliceous earth exploitation at Neuburg on the Danube is a good example for the successful cooperation of Associations for the Protection of Nature with an industrial enterprise. The protection of species and industrial interests will be brought together in a way that important habitats on dump grounds and in open pits are at disposal in the correct seasons. Numerous threatened pioneer species this way find a replacement habitat on the industrial sites which they need for their survival. This is particularly true for yellow-bellied and natterjack toads, for the crested newt and sand lizards. Also, a multitude of special insects and plants enjoy within a certain radius unique habitats.

HOFFMANN MINERAL has started the recultivation of open mining pits more than 50 years ago. During the 80s, conservationists gave first indications on uncommon species that lived in the pits. This was the start of a successful cooperation with Bavarian Associations for the Protection of Nature, who have remained always available for professional advice. Likewise, the implantation of a falcon and other nesting boxes for swifts, songbirds, bats and similar on the plant site goes back to this engagement.

HOFFMANN MINERAL is proud of the excellent results which have been achieved through many decades of experience with respect to recultivation, renaturing and arrangements of biotopes. On one side, these activities create re-integrated useful agricultural and forest areas, and on the other side valuable habitats and retreat areas for rare animal species and plants. Not only professionals have expressed appreciation for this situation, it was also the Township of Neuburg on the Danube which honored the engagement of the company in 2005 with the award of the municipal Environmental Price. The Federation for Bird Protection (LBV) in the land of Bavaria officially rated the enterprise “Amphibia-friendly Company” in 2014.