Reconditioning and Production

Neuburg Siliceous Earth

Basically speaking, our entire production process is a process of separation - only about 30 % of the raw earth extracted is an usable fine product. A particularly structure-conserving process separates the fine product from sand, sundry stones and rock. In the first step the raw material is dispersed in water and thus separated from gravel fractions. This is followed by the hydrocyclone unit which separates the sand fractions and sorts the fine particles into different particle sizes. The slurry obtained is then concentrated and the water removed in filter presses. Finally, the natural gas powered turbine dryers remove the remaining moisture. The material is than pulverized and stored for further processing.

Calcined Neuburg Siliceous Earth

Our calcined products Silfit and Aktifit are based on the standard product Sillitin Z 86. A downstream thermal process is used to expel the crystalline water in the Kaolinite portion and new Mineral phases are formed practically amorphous. The silica portion remains inert at the temperature used. The resulting products  have an outstandingly high degree of white and color neutrality.

Step 1 - 3

Input and crushing of raw earth, separation of coarse material through vibration sieve

Step 4 - 5

Separation of gravel fractions and dispersion in water

Step  6

Separation of sand fractions and division into different grain sizes with a hydrocyclone unit

Step  7 - 10

Concentration, storage and blending of different product types in the form of slurry

Step  11 - 12

Removal of water in filter presses, reduction of residue moisture in dryers

Step  13

Refining, surface treatment, calcination, packaging