Franz Hoffmann, later on the original founder of today’s HOFFMANN MINERAL GmbH, joins around 1888, after successful studies and graduation, a major Munich based builders and contractors company in a position of master builder. One of the construction projects takes him to Neuburg, where he meets and falls in love with Maria who became his wife. The couple has four children, Maria herself is the daughter of a Neuburg master builder, and beyond that a competent business woman. This encourages Franz Hoffmann to set up his own enterprise. Within short, he gains the reputation of a reliable and imaginative building expert. An Englishman by the name of Mason charges Franz Hoffmann with planning and erecting a siliceous earth factory. At that time, a number of polish manufacturers are in business with the Neuburg raw material: brass is highly appreciated, and siliceous earth is an important component of the metal polishing agents. During the planning activities, Mr. Mason unexpectedly calls the project off, probably because he has run into financial difficulties. In this situation, Franz Hoffmann decides to set up himself a "steam washing plant" for genuine Neuburg Silicic Whiting - which means the foundation of today’s company has been laid.