In the first 70 years of the company’s history, the competitive situation has continually evolved. The year 1971 brings a last and substantial change. Manfred Hoffmann enters into discussions about a cooperation with the sole competitor, Globus-Werke. After long and fair negotiations it becomes apparent that the Globus associates are not very interested in continuing their activities with respect to siliceous earth. The result is that they sell this division to Hoffmann including all equipment and mining rights as well as the trade marks GLOXIL and SILFIN. With the new monopoly position for Neuburg Siliceous Earth, a life-long dream of Manfred Hoffmann has come true. As a child, at the time of the foundation of the company, he had seen how the other then powerful siliceous earth manufacturers looked down at his grandfather rather as to an outsider, and did not predict for him a significant future.