Improving the CO2 footprint with Neuburg Siliceous Earth

Dec 13, 2023

Neuburg Siliceous Earth is ideally suited for use in EPDM-based car body seals. More than half of the carbon black can be replaced with our mineral filler, which means that the CO2 footprint of the compound can be improved by almost 30 %.

If the carbon black is completely replaced, the maximum potential of the modified filler selection in this formulation becomes clearly evident. The complete carbon black replacement with the mineral filler reduces the CO2 footprint by 40 %.

Some polymer manufacturers now also offer products with an improved and optimized life cycle assessment (LCA). In the example calculation, the conventional polymer was therefore replaced with an LCA-optimized polymer. In such a compound, the effect of the natural, mineral filler is even more pronounced after (partial) replacement of carbon black. With a partial replacement of carbon black, the CO2 footprint is reduced by approximately 30 % and therefore hardly differs from the conventional polymer. However, if the carbon black is completely replaced by Neuburg Siliceous Earth, the balance is improved by up to 55 %.


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