Advantages of Calcined Neuburg Siliceous Earth

Properties of Calcined Neuburg Siliceous Earth and advantages for users: 

  • low moisture content, low moisture absorption
    → lower risk of blistering for pressureless vulcanization
  • very low chloride content
    → prevention of anti-corrosion
  • very high brightness and color neutrality
    → for white products without yellowness, less need for white pigments like titanium dioxide
  • optimum dispersion properties even in critical compounds, comparable with puriss products
    → short mixing times, no agglomerates
  • avoids mold fouling/deposits on dies caused by filler
    → high productivity and low costs thanks to reduction of stoppages for cleaning and prevention of waste
  • very fine cell structure in sponge and microcellular rubber
    → high quality sponge and expanded rubber products
  • low dielectric loss in high voltage insulation
    → reduced energy losses in electric power transmission
  • potential for lower compression set
    → improved long-term sealing effect, for greater flexibility in creating recipes
  • potential for improved oil resistance
    → combined with the very low compression set for meeting high demands for sealing
  • very low CO2-footprint
    → reduction of product carbon footprint of rubber compounds