Advantages of Neuburg Siliceous Earth

Properties of Neuburg Siliceous Earth and advantages for users: 

  • easily and rapidly mixed in, very good dispersion properties
    → short mixing times, no agglomerates
  • high degree of filling
    → low compound costs
  • good rheology
    → molds with high number of cavities
  • good extrusion and calendering properties
    → high haul-off speeds with good surface quality for high quality extrusions and sheets, cost reduction through no or low need for auxiliary processing aids
  • matting effect
    → high quality appearance with satin finish of black profiles
  • no negative influence on cure rate, good thermal conductivity
    → short vulcanization time, high haul-off speed for continuous vulcanization
  • excellent surface
    → visually perfect articles, few rejects
  • low tension and compression set
    → excellent sealing properties
  • high electrical resistivity
    → insulation with low loss
  • favorable aging properties
    → long service life, cost reduction through low need for anti-aging agents
  • superior chemical resistance
    →  high resistance against aggressive media
  • high purity
    → can be used in pharmaceutical articles and food contact materials
  • very low CO2-footprint
    → reduction of product carbon footprint of rubber compounds