Neuburg Siliceous Earth

Filler properties and effect in the system/formula: 

  • loose structure, small particle size
    → easy and rapid incorporation, excellent dispersion properties (especially puriss products), very low sedimentation, no hard sediment, good rheological properties, matting effect, very fast drying, good mechanical properties, good corrosion protection
  • non-ground filler, low grit content
    → low abrasivity
  • mineralogical composition (hardness)
    → scratch resistance, abrasion resistance
  • very low electrical conductivity (< 100 µS), no butter effect
    → no disturbing salts/electrolytes, good stability in water-based systems, good corrosion protection
  • chemically inert
    → weather and chemical resistance, expecially against acids
  • refraction index similar to binder
    → good transparency/translucency
  • surface treatment possible
    → good interaction with the polymer matrix, rheology control
  • high purity
    → also suitable for food contact incl. drinking water as per BfR and FDA regulation