Often, fillers have to meet very special requirements. In such cases not only good dispersion characteristics are of importance, but also mechanical and dynamic properties of the final products. Improved electrical insulation resistance, better aging and fluid resistance in many materials and improved anticorrosion properties have a crucial role to play in many areas. At HOFFMANN MINERAL, we developed Aktisil to meet such customer requirements.

This special filler is made by treating the surface of Neuburg Siliceous Earth with special additives. The reaction by-products (e.g. alcohol) formed during the manufacture of the different products of Aktisil are largely removed right away during the process. The coupling reaction fixes the additives to the surface of the filler. Any undesirable side-effects that can occur during mixing by direct addition of the additive are virtually eliminated. So the customer can choose from a complete product range of many different types of Aktisil. This is the result of many years of in-house experience and of close cooperation with customers. Know-how for users’ benefit.