Our puriss products are a natural combination of corpuscular Neuburg Silica and lamellar kaolinite. These two elements together form a loose structure which offers particular advantages in terms of application possibilities when puriss is used as a functional filler.

The puriss products of Neuburg Siliceous Earth are significantly finer than classic Sillitin. The extremely low residue of > 40 µm is further reduced in comparison with standard Sillitin. This also reduces the abrasion effect of this product series and protects processing equipment like mixers, tools and airless spray nozzles. The dispersion properties in low-viscosity systems are also greatly improved. These effects are achieved in a process after the usual processing steps. Puriss products are therefore ideal for thin-walled articles and all applications requiring an excellent surface quality, likewise for paints and varnishes, elastomers or plastics.

Characteristics Unit Sillitin N 85 Sillitin N 85 puriss Sillitin Z 86 Sillitin Z 86 puriss Sillitin Z 89 Sillitin Z 89 puriss Sillikolloid P 87 Sillikolloid P 87 puriss
Residue > 40 µm mg/kg 25 8 20 8 20 8 20 8


It was soaked in ester plasticizer until no agglomerates > 20 μm were found (blade mixer at 1200 rpm, 20 % filler concentration). The dispersion time defined in this way is a measure for assessing dispersion behavior. The superb, fast dispersion of the puriss versions has a particularly marked effect with low gravities, such as those that occur in very soft mixtures containing a high level of softeners.