With GLOXIL WW SL, Hoffmann Mineral has developed the first functional filler that is not based on Neuburg siliceous earth. The product is a 15% aqueous silica dispersion modified with special additives adapted to the matting agent and the intended application. The formation of films from the dispersion improves the incorporation of the matting agent particles. This results in films with good water and stain resistance as well as excellent matting properties.


  • Matt dispersion-based coating, primarily clear wood varnishes, especially acrylic-based varnishes
  • Substitution of matting agents for improved handling as well as water, alcohol and stain resistance.


  • No dust formation
  • Significantly improved dosing and incorporation
  • Faster and easier incorporation without high shear forces
  • Foam inhibiting effect
  • Improved early blocking resistance
  • Strong matting effect
  • Very high transparency without color cast and good long-term stability
  • Good wood grain, especially on dark wood
  • Outstanding early water and stain resistance
  • Subsequent addition to modify the degree of matting possible without loss of performance or problems
  • Excellent metal marking resistance (ring resistance)


GLOXIL WW SL was tested in an aqueous formulation against common matting agents. The results were compared with those of a fumed and a precipitated silica.