Changing of specification

Jun 1, 2021

As part of a changeover to a more precise and reproducible measurement of the color and brightness values ​​of our products, we have changed the corresponding data in our material specifications.

For the product groups Sillitin, Sillikolloid, Puriss and Aktisil, we have replaced the previously specified brightness value Y with the less ambiguous L * and b * values.

In the area of ​​the calcined products Silfit and Aktifit, the optimization of the sample preparation in combination with the introduction of a new colorimeter leads to a significantly improved measurement accuracy, which makes it necessary to adjust the color values ​​L *, a * and b *.

We should emphasize that the manufacture and properties of all products have not been changed and that the measured values ​​for the color space of our products have only been adjusted to the new measurement system.

The updated values ​​are already provided as supplementary information to your certificates of analysis since January 2020. You will find the new specifications for our products under the following link: Material Specifications