Life Cycle Assessment

HOFFMANN MINERAL sees environmental protection not only as a matter of law and regulations, but considers itself responsible for achieving continuous improvements on its own initiative. Through measures such as production processes with low emissions and cleaning of unavoidable exhaust air streams, minimization of waste and wastewater volumes as well as an economical use of raw materials and energy, we try to keep the environmental impact as low as possible.

In order to further promote the topic of sustainability, HOFFMANN MINERAL has therefore obtained life cycle assessments by TÜV Rheinland in accordance with ISO standards 14040:2021 and 14044:2021. This helps to balance the environmental impact of a product and shows where energy and emissions can be further optimized.

The LCA provides a detailed and granular overview of each phase of its life cycle in terms of energy use and emissions, and shows how much energy is consumed in total for individual production steps and packaging. For this purpose, the following life course phases were considered in the study:

  • the extraction / production of the various input materials by HOFFMANN MINERAL as well as by the corresponding suppliers including packaging and transport expenses,
  • the manufacture of the product by HOFFMANN MINERAL and
  • the packaging by HOFFMANN MINERAL at the production site in the German town Neuburg an der Donau in different packaging materials.

By obtaining its LCA, HOFFMANN MINERAL can also support customers in their sustainability analyses - a great added value for all parties involved and a lever to effectively improve energy-intensive processes and resource consumption throughout the entire supply chain. This also addresses accomplishing  regulatory requirements worldwide and the growing demand for sustainable and optimized products.

Here you can find some exemplary calculations for reducing the CO2 footprint of elastomer compounds.

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