Corporate Responsibility code

Working Times
The working time arrangements of the HOFFMANN Group of Companies are based on German laws and comply with recognised international standards.

Employees may not be subjected to physical punishment of any kind, or other physical, sexual, psychological or verbal harassment or abuse.

Corporate Citizenship
The HOFFMANN Group of Companies shows its civil commitment through the positive contributions it brings into the communities in which it is actively engaged.

Occupational Health and Safety
see "Occupational safety and health protection guiding principles"

Integrity and Anti-corruption
The activities of the HOFFMANN Group of Companies are governed by generally accepted values and principles, in particular by integrity, rectitude, respect for human dignity, openness and non-discrimination on grounds of race, ethnic origin, religion, ideology, gender, age, sexual orientation or a disability.
The HOFFMANN Group of Companies rejects corruption and bribery as defined in the relevant UN Convention (from the year 2005). It promotes transparency, acting with integrity and in an appropriate manner, responsible management and control within the Company.

Child Labour
The use of child labour is prohibited. No person below the age of 16 years will be employed. Employees below the age of 18 years may not be deployed for hazardous activities and are, in accordance with legal provisions, exempt from night work.

The HOFFMANN Group of Companies’ communications with their employees and suppliers fulfil the associated requirements of the Code.

Equal Opportunities
For all employment decisions such as recruitment and promotion, remuneration, further education and training, transfers and dismissals, all employees will be treated in accordance with their abilities and qualifications, as well as their performance.

Rules and Regulations
The HOFFMANN Group of Companies abides by the prevailing laws and regulations of the countries in which it operates, and requires the same from its suppliers.

Transparency and Consumer Dialogue
The HOFFMANN Group of Companies recognizes the rights of consumers to important product and process information which is required for a qualified purchase decision. Whenever possible it will determine the relevant applicable information and make it publically accessible.

see "Environmental guiding principles" and "Energy guiding priciples"

The remuneration paid shall not be less, or will be more, than that established by current legislation. The remuneration for full-time employment must be sufficient to meet the basic needs of the employee.

Freedom of Assembly and Free Collective Bargaining
The HOFFMANN Group of Companies respects the employees lawful rights of freedom of assembly and free collective bargaining.

Forced Labour
Every form of forced labour is rejected.

Neuburg, July 19, 2023