Mission and Vision

Our self-perception

We, HOFFMANN MINERAL, perceive ourselves to be an innovative filler materials specialist who produces, refines and markets products based on Neuburg Siliceous Earth. Our expertise and production equipment for refining and marketing are also specifically used for other materials.

Our performance program

We offer a balanced, competitive assortment of products based on Neuburg Siliceous Earth. Our objective is to achieve the most complete, high-quality utilization of the available deposit.

We wish to fulfill the requirements of our customers through

  •  quality - in the sense of TQM,
  •  continuous improvement of our processes,
  •  professional competence and
  •  application engineering support and cooperation.

The product line is continually revised and enhanced to meet

  •  customer-oriented requirements and
  •  economic justification.

Contract production - particularly post-processing - of industrial raw materials round out the core array of silica products in a prudent manner and this is being expanded to a second mainstay. Silica products always have priority.

Our market position objective

We wish to expand our market position, domestic and foreign, on a sustained basis.

Our other success factors

Our management is oriented on clear goals and directs development in a balanced manner

  •  customer orientation
  •  innovation capability
  •  product and process quality

toward continuous advancement. These traits are our hallmark among the competition and they increase our sustained earning power.

To secure our long-term basis of raw materials we must continuously explore the Neuburg Siliceous Earth deposit in order to assure complete, yet environmentally-friendly, extraction. The extraction sites are restored again to their legitimate nature and incorporated into the landscape. Furthermore we encourage the protection of species.

Our behavior

We achieve satisfaction

  • in our customers through lasting customer focus,
  • in our employees through cooperative leadership and by providing freedom for responsible Actions and
  • in our environment by updated information.

We strive for successful partnerships with our customers and suppliers that benefit everyone involved.

This collaboration is based on integrity and clearly discernible entrepreneurial actions, which are based on:

  • respect for human rights;
  • relationships free of discrimination;
  • respect for basic rights in the workplace;
  • prohibition of forced labor or child labor;
  • the rejection of corruption and venality.

We stand up for our environmental responsibility as well as our commitment to occupational safety and health protection. As part of our environmental and energy policy, our labor and health protection policy and our corporate-responsibility-codex, we have developed rules intended to motivate every employee to implement our goals.

Neuburg, July 19, 2023